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Welcome and thank you for visiting this page. 

This page contains information about my drums and workshops.

If you already know what you want to ask, press this link to contact me with your questions. 

Making a decision to change my life. release the emotional and mental overwhelm and choosing to live a conscious life, allowed me to meet my inner Shaman, my Goddess, my Wild Woman. (Click here to read my full story.) Embracing these aspects of myself has meant that I'm more responsive to my intuition. I now listen more carefully, feel more deeply and trust my instinct more willingly. 

For me, making a medicine drum was something that I felt guided to do. So, a couple of years ago, when a friend of mine told me about a drum making workshop she was thinking of attending, I jumped on the chance to do it with her. And the rest, as they say, is history. My drum knowledge, like my collection is growing and I am excited to share these experiences with you. 

Below you will find some information on the different types of workshops, all drum related, that are possible. 

Drum Making Workshop

drum and beater_n_edited.jpg

In this 6-hour workshop I will guide you in the process of creating and birthing your very own healing Native American Style Medicine Drum, with love, honour and respect. Your drum will include your choice of a 12" or 15” pine hoop frame and either Kangaroo or Goat rawhide.


Whether you are choosing to use the Medicine Drum for your own personal healing or offering it to heal others, this drum making experience is powerful and transformational. The Medicine Drum can be used not only for healing but also in offering gratitudes, ceremonies and meditative journeying.


During our Medicine Drum making workshop we will:

• Co-create a sacred space

• Journey to meet the tree which has gifted you its wood and animal who has gifted you its hide

• Create and cut out your own drum head and cut out the lacing from the hide

• Lace your drum together over the hoop frame

• Birth your drum

• Journey with your completed drum, letting it know your blessings and desires for continued journey with it.


Contact me here for more information if this interests you.

Drum Beater Workshop

What a wonderful way to add that extra something to complete your drum making experience than by making your own beater. This option will soon be available. 


Rattle Workshop

With a small amount of raw hide, a handful of crystals and some creative inspiration you can make a beautiful looking and wonderful sounding rattle to enhance your sound healing journey. 

This option will soon be available.

Retreat options

Are you looking for something special for your retreat participant to do? 

I am available to facilitate Drum Making Workshops at your retreat. Contact me to discuss how this can work for you.

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