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Move beyond your current confusion and frustration to a
place of simplicity and resolution.

When things don’t go the way we want, or expect them to, we can get into this downward spiral of believing that our life is going from bad to worse. Sometimes we feel we aren’t progressing fast enough, far enough or even in the right direction. This can affect our personal, social and professional lives, singularly or simultaneously.

Does your life now…


  • feel like it’s at a standstill or you’re being left behind when all you want to do is enjoy your friends, family and the work you do?

  • make you frustrated at all the things that go wrong each day, every day and wonder when you are finally going to catch a break?

  • see you desperately hoping that you will secure that job or promotion that you really want (but probably won’t get) only to not even get a call back?

  • leave you angry or frustrated with the wish for someone, ANYONE, to hear you, see you, acknowledge and appreciate you?

Imagine instead…

  • the excitement you would feel as you move forward each day to living your best life in all the ways that matter to you the most.

  • endless adventures when you get up each morning alert and energetic, ready to embrace the day in its entirety.

  • dreams and goals achieved - get that job, earn that promotion, book that holiday, buy that convertible. Whatever it is you dream of, it’s yours.

  • mastery of your thoughts for a clear mind and ability to adapt to situations and events in a calm manner


These outcomes, and any others that you can imagine are all possible and attainable. So instead of asking yourself “When will my life get better”, let me ask you,


When will you choose to create more than you’re currently accepting?


Hello, my name is Alissa. I am a self-mastery coach. I will coach you to take ownership of your actions. And I will teach you how to change your current negative experience by gaining clarity of your thoughts and dreams, stability and control of your emotions and obtain the tools you need to master your dream life.


Choosing me


Ten years ago, my life was a mess and I was so focused on just surviving each day that I was incapable of seeing just how badly I was doing. Thankfully a doctor saw I was struggling and placed me on a routine of medication and consultations. Between her and a psychologist, I was recovering and life was good again.


Six years later and consciously aware that I was back in that same dark space, I KNEW that if I didn’t speak out and get help, I wasn’t coming back out. My brother’s suicide in 2005, meant that I was well aware of the repercussions of depression and with this in mind, I chose to speak up and find someone to help me. This time, not to manage my issues, but to overcome them once and for all.


Finding my direction


Six months later, I was able to tell people that I no longer identified with having depression or anxiety. I was making choices that benefited me and finding a zest for life that I hadn’t had previously. My learning didn’t stop at just learning from my coach, I then went on to learn the practice that had started my life changes and followed that with other courses to expand my knowledge. Along the way I realised that I didn’t just want to help myself. I’d always seen the best in others and now I wanted to use my learnings to help others find the best in themselves.


When your frustration of playing small becomes greater than your fear of change, 
your goals and dreams will materialise.


How awesome would it be if you could find your problems no longer an issue for you? Wouldn’t you love to wake up full of energy and ready to greet the day, grateful to be doing what you love? Being clear and concise in your thoughts and decisions. Accepting unconditionally who you are the choices you have made?


If you answer yes to these questions and want guidance and coaching to action the changes, click here to contact me on

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